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The much-needed update revision of the popular Thrive content builder from Thrive Themes has come. The new and expanded version is called Thrive Content Builder.

Here is the first hands-on review of the Thrive Architect plugin, with all the details you wanted to know.

It continues with the Thrive Architect Review 2021.

Thrive Architect Review 2021

The Thrive Architect plugin is essentially an upgrade to the Thrive Content Builder (or TCB v2.0) with a different name and expanded functionality. With Thrive Architect, you can now customize any element with any style such as gradients, shadows and even make the designs more mobile-friendly without disrupting the desktop view.

In my Thrive Architect review, I found Thrive Architect to be a complete overhaul taking into account many functional requirements for TCB, such as a few.

With the Thrive Architect plug-in, you can even add overlays and layers over elements like images without having to use a photo editing tool.

What is the Thrive Architect plug-in? An introduction

Thrive Architect is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create visually engaging blog posts and landing pages with its drag and drop builder.

It comes as part of the Thrive suite of plugins but can be bought as a standby product that can be used with any WordPress theme. With Gehe Architect you can add animations, styled video elements, price tables, testimonial boxes, content boxes and much more.

These features make Thrive Architect the best visual builder plugin for WordPress that I have ever seen. Let’s discuss the features of Thrive Architect.

1) More performance for the editor sidebar

With the release of Thrive Architect, the Sidebar Editor has become even more functional with more features to improve the user experience while editing a page.

Ability to pin and drag and drop editor elements

This one is a great time saver and will help you drag and drop your most frequently used items up and pin them there so you can easily use them.

image editor

Ability to hide certain elements based on the device

You can use Thrive Architect’s Responsive Elements feature to clear or disable the display of some elements based on the dive used by the reader.

Thrive Architect text editor

Ability to edit text at the same time as you write

With the new Thrive Architect, you can edit any block of text right where you write. This function was previously available in the DIVI Visual Builder and I am glad that Thrive integrated it as well.

Other options are Ability to adjust the font color, text transformation (such as capital letters, upper / lower case, letter spacing, type focus animation, text shadows, etc.).

2. Create fluid visuals with Thrive Architect

Thrive Content Builder allowed you to create beautiful landing pages and visuals, but the only problem was that you couldn’t control how those things would be displayed on mobile devices. The margins, spacing, and text styles obviously created some sort of distortion on smaller devices that didn’t always look good.

Thrive Architect resolves issues with Thrive Content Builder

Thrive Architect is now addressing this classic problem with all visual builders by letting you design the images and visuals including full landing pages for the desktop view. After that, you can edit each item to see how it will appear on smaller devices like tablets and phones.

However, these changes, which were made to optimize the smaller screen views, are not reflected in the lauout of the larger device (reading desktop). This is a magical relief.

How do I create a homepage (landing page) with the architect?

While the Thrive Architect is intuitive and simple enough for you to capture every change and create amazing high-conversion homepages and landing pages with no hassle, I have a video tutorial where you can see the step-by-step video, how to create a Sandwitch-style homepage from scratch.

What you will learn in this video tutorial:

  • Manage fonts to match your website branding
  • Use improved margins and spacing to help create designs faster
  • Customize and create buttons from scratch Ghost button styles
  • Add color overlays and text over images without using the image editor
  • Finally, edit the homepage template to make it suitable for viewing on mobile devices and tablets.

How do I create a vertical split with Thrive Architect?

Vertical partitions are one of the best ways to give your readers an immersive experience by dividing your viewing area in half and placing an image or medium on one half and text on the other (may vary).

standby product

Example of a web page with a vertically split design

And here’s how to do a vertically split web design with prosperous architects …

New improved landing page collection

Thrive Leads has a new, improved landing page edition. The landing page templates here have been refined to the most popular templates right now (they will be adding even more landing page templates in the near future).

The integrated landing page templates are grouped into their categories, such as:

How do I access the landing pages from landing pages with landing pages?

the Thrive Architect Review

Video tutorial on loading and creating landing pages with Gehe-Architekt

If you’re confused, landing pages can now be viewed for pages only and now for posts, as we could earlier with TCB.

To access the Thrive landing page templates, simply hover over the gear icon in the top left of the sidebar editor and select the otemplates column.

Thrive Architect: Backward Compatibility & Editing of Previous Templates

The Flourish Architect plugin can be updated like any other plugin update. However, here are a few things to consider before upgrading.

You can edit your previous Flourish content builder items just as you can in the new Flourish Architect interface.

  • Edit previous text, images and other simple elements like columns with no problem
  • You need to migrate some elements like buttons, backgrounds, etc. so that they can be edited with the new user interface. (takes 1 click)
  • For compound elements such as price tables, member-only templates, and other such elements, you can currently only edit the text / links and images. You can no longer change its design, but your previous designs will remain unchanged.

Will upgrading from Flourish Architects affect other plugins like Flourish Leads and Flourish Ultimatum?

Yes, since the Flourish Content Builder was the foundation for designing items and optin forms in Flourish Leads or Flourish Ultimatum, you will surely be affected by this update.

All of my opt-in form templates and landing pages (I don’t have an active ultimatum element on the blog) work perfectly even after the official upgrade to the successful architect. So rest assured that no changes will be made to your existing templates or registration forms.

But for newer opt-in forms or quiz builder pages, You have to use the Flourish Architect to create new designs.

With the new Flourish Architect, however, I was able to edit my opt-in forms to make them more responsive on mobile screens, delete some not-so-essential items and make them look like they were designed for phones only !

This is a change I loved about Thrive Architect.

Conclusion: Thrive Architect Review and Tutorial

So, in this Flourish Architect review, we saw how you can upgrade the good old Flourish content builder to the brand new one prosper architect to create even simpler and more powerful visuals and make your blog more engaging and converting without touching a single line of code.

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