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Get your MyThemeShop Black Friday 2021 deal

The most anticipated Black Friday deal for WordPress themes is now live! Get your extended membership for MyThemeShop (for only $ 99) as well as many other exciting tools for website growth. (Scroll below for more details)

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PS We are the official partners / affiliates of MyThemeShop and this is the maximum discount you can ever get for the MyThemeShop Black Friday Deal 2021! So accept this offer!

If you’re a blogger or someone who looks after customers, this expanded licensing offering from MyThemeShop is something not to be missed!

With just $ 99 payment you will have access to:

  • 20 domain license for generous use on most of your websites
  • All (100+) topics from MyThemeShop
  • 18+ premium plugins including Quiz Builder, Content Locker, Notification Bar Pro, etc.

But that’s not all…

Like the Elegant Themes discount offer, MyThemeShop offers you individual tools and software that can increase the conversion and traffic of your website. These tools include:

  • Hotjar (worth $ 267)
  • Upgrade ($ 158 worth)
  • Boomerang (worth $ 99.78)
  • Uptime Robots ($ 11 worth)
  • Social Bee (worth $ 58)
  • Bragging (worth $ 82)

If you look at these offers individually, they would cost you over $ 9,500 alone!

But as a way to repay the community, MyThemeShop’s offer helps you access what I honestly think is a crazy cheap deal for just $ 99.

I am in no way trying to sell you, the decision in the end is always yours because this is too crazy a deal to miss!

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MyThemeShop Black Friday Discount Coupon Code 2021

Choosing a premium theme is the best thing you can do for your blog or online business. A premium theme is not only SEO optimized, faster with cleaner codes, but has also been shown to have better conversions.

Put simply, your blog is your virtual office and you need to make it more professional and conversion-optimized.

If you are blogging professionally with the aim of making money from your blog, it is important to invest in a professional topic.

For my blogs, as you can see, I use Thrive Themes (costs $ 288 a year) and the second option I would ever choose is MyThemeShop Themes.

MyThemeShop is the darling of many pro bloggers who make millions of dollars on their blog every year. Check out Shoemoney.com or Zac Jhonson from BloggingTips.com.

These guys are the pioneers of blogging and have made millions of dollars in business online. If these guys recommend (and use themselves) MyThemeShop, you have to check them out!

Get MyThemeShop now ››

Benefits of Using MyThemeShop as a WordPress Theme

A collection of 103 themes and 23 plugins

With MyThemeShop you get a package with themes and plugins. What they offer is annual membership that allows you to use all of their products. It is possible to choose a different topic in case you feel that the chosen one does not fit your blog.

You own all 103 themes designed by MyThemeShop and use them as you see fit any number of pages. The plugins contain a review plugin which is very important if you want to make money from affiliate marketing

Neatly coded with search snippets (Google loves these!)

Even a single line of malicious code will reduce your blog’s visibility on search engines. MyThemeShop offers carefully coded topics with directly integrated schema rating. This will help your blog stand out in Google search results and improve your search engine ranking.

The result is: You get more visitors and more website revenue.

Subjects for different purposes

Every single theme developed by MTS is unique. Not only have you created themes for blogs but also for business websites and e-commerce platforms.
If you are looking for professional WordPress themes for your websites, these are the themes you should check out. Here are other topics to check out!

  • Magazine themes if you want to grow your revenue through AdSense for niche viral or content heavy sites!
  • Blog topics for blogs like mine or business websites!

Integrated ad management

MyThemeShop is known for offering AdSense-optimized WordPress themes that will increase your advertising revenue. In the subject field you get fields for inserting your AdSense codes. The ad spaces are allocated intelligently for the maximum click-through rate (CTR). This is where professional blogger Jeremy from ShoeMoney.com comes to mind.


Responsive customer support

WordPress users have different levels of experience, so you might not need help customizing a theme, but another user might not. For this reason, MTS has set up an active forum where all questions are answered within 24 hours.

When you purchase this Black Friday discount offer on MyThemeShop, you get access to unlimited forum searches!

Affordable prices

MyThemeShop offers you two types of membership. To be able to access all themes and plugins, you need the extended membership. For this you should initially pay $ 87 and $ 9 a month.

If you only want a single product, you can choose the second plan, which will cost you between $ 27-47 and $ 9 monthly for the first time.

Here comes the exciting news! Costs are even reduced when you shop with our MyThemeShop Black Friday / Cyber ​​Monday discount code.

Here is your MyThemeShop Black Friday discount voucher 2021

The wait is over! You can read the activation process of the MyThemeShop voucher here.

Step 1: You need to click the button below to activate your discount.

Secure your discount now ››

Step 2: Once you do, you will see a MyThemeShop website with price packages. All you have to do is choose one there as the discount code has already been added.

Step 3: After choosing the plan, you will need to enter your account details. If you don’t have one, you can easily create one.

Here we go! You have just saved a lot of money by getting a premium MyThemeShop design.

In summary: Get MyThemeShop Themes Black Friday Discount Coupons

Although MyThemeShop is known for themes, there are quite a few useful plugins out there. Now that you have decided on the topic, you need to review it. Most of the plugins like WP Subscriber Pro (collects emails on your website) and the notification bar (narrow bar in the header to announce new posts, affiliate coupons and services) are designed to get more sales on your blog.

Don’t forget to share this discount with your blogger friends.

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