How essential are they?

A testimonial includes the happy ending of a successful customer journey. According to a survey, testimonials have the highest percentage of effectiveness among all content that falls under content marketing at 89%.

This just proves how much impact testimonials have on people and therefore have so much potential. You need to get the most out of them to increase your reach and to believe your potential in your products and / or services and therefore in your company.

What are testimonials?

Testimonials are written or video recordings of statements that not only give credibility, but also prove competence. They can act as great catalysts to draw more attention to your products and services.

Difference between a review and a testimonial

The key difference between a testimonial and a review is that the former always shows the positive side, while the latter can be positive or negative. So testimonials are essentially showing you the good side of the product or service that you are trying to sell.

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On the other hand, a check can be done in both directions. It can describe a product beautifully, but at the same time another customer could write a scathing review and take the effect of, say, five good reviews.

Reasons for the Importance of Testimonials

The main reasons testimonials are important to your business are listed below:

Build trust and credibility

Your reputation is the most important thing in helping you make sales and generate more income. Imagine if one company doesn’t show product reviews or testimonials and another has four to five to any number of glowing testimonials, which one will you go for?

The answer is pretty obvious. You need to convince your prospects that the money they invest in you won’t be in vain. That they benefit from it. That is why you need to build trust and credibility.

Provide social evidence

Word of mouth or advertising by celebrities, or even repeated viewing of an ad can convince you to buy something because you subconsciously believe that it is a good product or a good product.

All of these are the social evidence required to give a business identity or verification that customers need before they can make a purchase or even consider making one. A study has shown that 95% of people believe that product reviews – be they positive or negative – play a role in their purchase decision.

Increase conversions

More than 50% of customers who carefully read or see some testimonials convert successfully and there are observations that show that more than 50 reviews can increase these conversion rates by 4.6%. This is the power of reviews and testimonials.


To get these testimonials that can help you increase your conversion rates, all you have to do is send follow-up emails and remember to ask customers to rate your local business. This can immediately lead to an increase in the number of product reviews or testimonials.

Building a brand’s reputation

Ultimately, quality marketing is all about good storytelling, or posting content that will help get people to buy your product or service. As humans, we are automatically drawn to things that arouse empathy and curiosity.

Therefore, with the help of testimonials, you can work to establish a human angle of interest that your potential customers can identify with and understand. This is why big brands invest so much money in advertising every year – to spread a story that will help them sell their products.

Improve transparency

Overcoming challenges, correcting previous mistakes, and following a product’s path can all be effectively passed on to people with the help of testimonials. Especially if the testimonial in question is in video format.

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This is because people prefer to consume video content as it is easier to understand and also more aesthetic. According to a survey, people want to learn about a new product or service with the help of short videos from authentic users because they find it more authentic.

How should testimonials be used?

There are a number of ways they can be used effectively as testimonials are pretty important in marketing and they are listed below:

On websites

The homepage of your website is the first impression your potential customers have of you. Hence, it becomes more important to make sure that it is not only worth their time, but also convincing enough to make them want to come back.

Social media

You can’t be humble here or shy away from posting all of the ardent testimonials you’ve received. Show them off proudly and make sure the voices of your previous customers are heard. Remember, that is how much time a visitor will spend on your website. Make every second count.

On social media

Social media requires social proof. Since these different social media platforms get so much traffic every day, you need to use it effectively. This can be done by presenting content that addresses the vulnerabilities of your potential customers.

You can use social media yourself to identify these weak points and get to know your customers as well as possible, what they like, what they don’t like, what their recurring problems are with similar products and services, and so on.

You can run advertising campaigns on social media and post videos and written testimonials from your satisfied customers. Use testimonial examples to get a better impact. Convince them to the best of your ability.

On product pages

Last but not least. Probably the most important place to broadcast your customers’ amazing testimonials. This page turns a lead into a customer because it is the final step.

social media platforms

Once you’ve managed to get your prospects to this point, you need to be careful to tip the balance in your favor and this can be done brilliantly with the help of testimonials. Always remember – well-placed testimonials or product reviews can make all the difference.

Some other ways to include testimonials in content are by embedding it in email campaigns, sales pitches, videos, and even creating a page dedicated entirely to testimonials.


Hopefully by now you have successfully recognized the importance of testimonials for your company. They can be just what your business needs to build trust with your prospects, build credibility, and add a sense of identity to all of the products you sell.

Make sure to use them tactfully and in a way that organically persuades your customers, but don’t flood them with unnecessary content. Make every testimony count.

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