Some widespread myths about digital advertising debunked

Digital marketing as a concept has been around for a long time, but it’s only been the last four to five years that its value has been recognized. However, since it is relatively new, there are many misunderstandings surrounding it.

As with anything that is not fully understood, people tend to act on the basis of a lot of misinformation and misconceptions. But today is the day we clean the air and correct a few mistakes.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through and correct some of the most common myths about digital marketing.

Common myths about digital marketing

Some of the most common misconceptions about marketing have been listed below:

# 1 Digital marketing is very computer centric

While this may seem a bit of an exaggeration to many readers, it is the truth, but a common misconception. Many people think that digital marketing is all about computers and how they can be used for marketing.

On the contrary, online marketing uses not only computers but also platforms such as smartphones, radio, electronic billboards, etc. Interactive advertising, personalized e-mails, websites for mobile phones – the list goes on.

Therefore, digital marketing uses different digital media together to reach consumers.

# 2 Massive traffic always equals success

Another of the really big myths about digital marketing. Just because a website is generating a lot of traffic doesn’t mean the digital marketing strategy was successful.

A lot of traffic doesn’t necessarily mean the job is done, but its effectiveness is determined based on the types of customers visiting the site. Every company or company has its target group.

Quality digital marketing helps them reach their target audience so they can make actual sales and generate some income.

Website traffic

# 3 Only large companies can benefit from this

This has to be repeated a few times – all types of businesses can benefit from digital marketing, not just the big ones.

Whether small or large companies, reaching the target group is crucial. Instead of having to set up a business somewhere and pay for rent and other facilities, small businesses can have a virtual presence and still run their business.

Additionally, digital marketing helps companies get real-time updates with valuable insights and data so they can make the most of their resources. Therefore, companies that do not have the opportunity to seek help from market research firms can still perform well.

# 4 A digital marketing strategy doesn’t really matter to a company’s business strategy

That is so far from the truth. Any company’s business strategy should include digital marketing to be truly effective.

As more and more users are added to the various social media platforms and the number of online searches for product information increases daily, a company’s website plays a crucial role here.

It acts as the perfect “showcase” so that online customers can be informed about the company’s products and / or services. A valuable online presence has become indispensable for all companies in our predominantly digital life.

# 5 It’s a technical concept

Many people believe that one of the most popular myths about digital marketing is that it is a purely technical function and can only be performed by computer specialists. That it is only limited to programmers.

But none of this is true at all. Digital marketing is a valuable marketing skill and great practical technological tool. As it is adopted and conquered the marketing world, digital marketing is quickly becoming important for companies at all stages.

However, not only can you know about the technology, but its effectiveness depends on a thorough understanding of marketing techniques as well as the business.

# 6 Just designing a website is enough

Another popular myth about digital marketing is that it’s all about designing a website for the customers.

In reality, digital marketing is so much more than that. It is not enough to have a fully updated website that provides all of the information about a company’s various products and services for customers to keep up with their needs.

The content available on the website and the required use of the other channels should be constantly updated so that a continuous flow of visitors is created.

media criticism

# 7 Optimizing websites for cell phones is not necessary

There is such a thing as website optimization for cell phones and it is extremely important as it makes the websites easier for mobile users to access.

Marketing is all about the customer and the easiest possible access to the company’s products and services. This is where website optimization for cell phones comes in.

Not only is it inexpensive, it just takes another step in simplifying the experience for customers and making a lasting impression on them.

# 8 Social media criticism is detrimental to any business

This is one of the most widespread myths about digital marketing – the flak on social media is causing a company’s reputation and, by extension, its customer base to deteriorate.

In reality this is not the case. When a customer is genuinely concerned and talking about a particular product or service, this should always be addressed and taken into account. The marketing team should speak to them directly and ensure that the work required is done to correct the wrong.

This should be viewed as a golden opportunity – a way to improve the company’s products and services.

online customers

# 9 Search engine optimization is no longer relevant

Even with the influx of so many social media platforms and apps into the digital world, SEO is still not dead. And this is one of the most common but dangerous myths about digital marketing that needs to be debunked.

Search engine rankings are still important as they can help get lots of relevant traffic for websites. Googling everything is the primary instinct of our generation, after all, and it has come to the point that we can hardly do without it now. Remember – SEO is important.

last words

Making assumptions and not researching a topic properly can always do more harm than good. We live in a world of abundance of information and should therefore make optimal use of it.

It is high time these digital marketing myths stopped circulating and clarified the revolutionary marketing concept that has taken over the world.

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