The 10 most vital digital advertising and marketing abilities a marketer wants in 2021

Everyone keeps saying that the demand for digital marketers in the market is constantly increasing. But a lot is happening behind the scenes. By this we mean that you, the marketer, are expected to have a range of digital marketing skills.

People often forget that the greatest resource companies have is the people themselves. Not just the customers, but those who work behind the scenes to get all of the marketing strategies up and running. However, they are the ones who can change anything.

In today’s fast paced world, a digital marketer is expected to put on lots of hats. For anyone wondering what those hats or digital marketing skills are, we’ve rounded up the top ten skills businesses are looking for.

Top 10 digital marketing skills

Here are the top digital marketing skills required in 2021 that should be on your checklist:

1. Data analysis

As a marketer, one of the most sought-after skills in digital marketing is figuring out how exactly your strategies work. How they are received by customers and whether there are cracks that need to be worked on.

Hence, you need to have a good knowledge of tools like Google Analytics, Marketo, Ahrefs, etc.

2. Text creation and editing

Content is still king in 2021 and is therefore one of the top competencies in digital marketing. With high quality content there is no marketing, neither visually nor textually. Good writing skills are one of the fundamental skills that form the foundation of a marketer.

Digital Marketing Skills - Copywriting

Be it ads, landing pages, website content, blogs, or even a social media label, it all requires good writing skills.

3. Channel planning

Another competency in digital marketing that is in great demand for 2021 is channel planning. Because digital platforms such as the various social media platforms and others have grown massively due to the pandemic in the past year.

digital marketing skills - channel planning

Source: ChannelPlan

In order to be more effective and convincing, marketers must now concentrate more on each platform in order to optimize their individual potential. In addition, they also need to prepare content for the new platforms that keep popping up (like Clubhouse).

Sound knowledge of content marketing is therefore essential.

4. SEO

A good digital marketer knows their way around the SEO maze and knows their way around as many algorithm variables as possible. From cybersecurity to cookie handling to web design and social media optimization.

SEO has always been one of the most effective digital marketing channels that has been shown to transform businesses and make them a necessary skill for all marketing professionals.

5. Email Marketing

Not only are emails a great way to get your word across to countless people, but the fact that over 34% of people worldwide use email makes it a remarkable concept for marketing and a must-have for digital marketers.

digital marketing - email marketing

It’s also a great tool as email is very versatile and can be customized based on target demographics or the needs of the business.

6. Conversion Rate Optimization

This phrase is important to any marketer who understands that traffic alone isn’t enough. More than just having lots of opportunities that the traffic represents, it’s more important to have good leads who have potential.

Digital Marketing Skills - CRO

Source: ACRO Global

These are high quality leads that make a difference. So, a good marketer should be able to study and be a CRO expert so that they can focus on the company’s goals and make sure the marketing strategies are working towards them.

7. Video Marketing

How much impact video content has on people can be summed up in just one word – reels. We all know how addicting it can be, and even vlogging and other types of video content.

Now video marketing is just taking advantage of this fact and using it to generate consumer interest and get more sales. It has been observed that 80% of people are more likely to buy a certain product after seeing a good and compelling video.

8. AI and machine learning

Smart digital marketers know how to integrate advanced technologies like AI and machine learning. Another great addition to the list of digital marketing skills, because there are so many more opportunities in marketing with the use of AI.

With the help of such technologies, several tedious, arbitrary errands and such tasks can be easily completed. Not only does it make the marketing tasks more efficient, it also saves a lot of time in the process.

9. Voice search-centered thinking

Did you know that around 500 million people actively use the Google Assistant? This is the importance of voice activated applications. Harnessing this fact and applying it in marketing strategies is another valuable addition to the list of digital marketing skills.

Digital Marketing Skills - Voice Search

With voice-controlled apps rapidly growing in importance and with more usage every day, marketers need to know how to use them to interact with their prospects.

The use of voice search and virtual assistants is increasing around the world, so there is an increasing demand for marketers who can develop an effective language strategy.

10. Branding

When building a business or creating awareness of a particular company, starting and working on developing a brand is vital. Because it gives the company a recognizable personality.

digital marketing skills - branding

Source: Imaginasium

Of course, when consumers feel connected and identify with a brand, they tend to trust it and buy products or services from it. Branding has thus become an integral part of the required digital marketing skills.


Becoming a digital marketer is relatively easier than most of the other professionals out there, but that doesn’t mean it’s easier. You have to put in the hours and develop those digital marketing skills and make sure you give it your all. Give it your all and work to develop all of the above skills.

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