Finest profession alternatives for freshmen in 2021

Gone are the days when it was decided at birth what a person should become when they grow up. Even at a young age, due to a lack of awareness and awareness, many believed that there were primarily three career opportunities: Either one became a doctor, engineer or lawyer. But that has all changed now.

We live in the age of endless opportunity as our economy grows and new opportunities open up. However, this wealth of opportunities also made it a little difficult to choose a particular career path. As fresher, it can be pretty intimidating.

To make this easier for all youngsters, we’ve compiled a list that not only spans several different industries to offer a variety of options, but also pays well. Read on to find out what career opportunities there are.

Top Career Options for Freshman Students in India 2021

The list below is intended to provide a number of options that will not only help them find the best for them based on their interests and vision for the future, but will also pay well.

1. Software development

Software developers and full-stack developers are currently among the highest-paid job profiles for new students. It depends on a variety of factors such as location and experience, but the starting salary can be as high as 10 lakhs per year.

But that’s an extreme. Your skills and market needs are a few more factors that could cause this number to change. However, if you are interested in and really love the IT industry, this could be your calling.

Best career opportunities - software development

Source: Tech Gig

Some Things You Should Know About A Career In Software Development:

  • The job won’t be your regular 9-5 job as it’s such a dynamic industry. Things are always changing, and if you keep educating and keeping up to date, there are no limits to you.

  • Since it is a highly specialized job, people who work in this industry usually get pretty decent salary packages compared to the other industries.

2. Digital Marketing

If you haven’t heard of this industry, you’re living under a rock, but if so, you already know how important it is in our time. For every brand, business, and business out there, having a digital presence is vital.

You need a good digital marketing strategy to generate more sales and effectively convince your target audience. As a result, the demand for digital marketers is steadily increasing, and with it their place in the list of career opportunities.

Best career opportunities - digital marketing

Source: Wordstream

Since marketing is a department that belongs to almost every industry, you can imagine the many possibilities that this form of marketing offers. There is now a point where a good digital marketing team can make all the difference in how a company generates revenue.

Digital marketing is a huge umbrella that encompasses a number of different channels that work in harmony to produce results. Freshmen can specialize in one or more or just learn the whole process and get paid pretty well for it. Some career opportunities in digital marketing are:

… and so on.

3. Data science

We live in an age of abundance as all of the information we ever need about a particular product or something else is just a few clicks away. This is the reason for the rapid growth of data science in recent years and is considered to be one of the best career opportunities.

Best career option - data science

The average data scientist who is fresher makes 7.5 lakhs and that’s a pretty impressive number considering he’s just getting started. This number also depends on several variable factors.

Some skills a data scientist must have are:

4. Product management

The rise in demand for product managers began when large companies like Google, Facebook, etc. developed large products that required special attention as well as a much more customized approach.

Best career opportunities - product management

Source: Stanford Online

The job of a product manager is to dig deep and closely monitor every aspect of the product during its various phases and to suggest productive changes. This is another dynamic job description that is constantly changing depending on the mood of the customers for whom the product is made.

It is not time-bound, but depends on the company’s product and how much effort it puts into it. Product managers who can establish themselves in the field can earn up to 20 lakhs per year.

5. Blockchain

Much controversial but a very fast growing industry that is not going to go away anytime soon, blockchain cryptocurrency technology is another avenue that freshmen after 12th grade can explore as one of their career options.

Although it has existed since the 90s when the wonders that technology can work were discovered, it quickly led to the rise of other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Lightcoin, and so on.

But the technology isn’t just limited to cryptocurrency. Industry experts and researchers are constantly working to find new ways of using the technology in other areas.

Best career opportunities - blockchain

Source: Prayagraj Express News

For this reason currently. Over 1000 tech and non-tech companies use blockchain in the form of smart contracts, action management, etc. For this reason, many institutes offer courses to help students better understand the technology.

To become a blockchain developer, a person must be familiar with computer networks, cryptography, and data structures. In addition, basic programming skills such as Java and Python are required.

Experience with blockchain protocols such as Bitcoin and Ethereum is also required, but the returns are just as high. You can earn up to 22 lakhs per year.

Final thoughts

No matter which stream, which profile, which industry or which way you choose, as long as you are not ready to give your all, it will hardly meet your expectations. So make sure you do your research and don’t let the multitude of career opportunities bother you.

This won’t be easy if you don’t already have the answer, but that’s the whole challenge. We’re talking about your career here. Don’t be afraid to put the work in, because at the end of the day, one day you will be the one to reap the benefits.

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