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“The good, the bad, and the ugly of advertising. We applaud the best and make fun of the rest! “

That one statement is a constant on all Mad Over Marketing (MOM) social media. It’s a media and advertising company from India that talks about all things marketing – growth hacking, branding strategy, advertising campaigns and so much more.

Over the years, MOM has steadily developed into one of the top names in the media and marketing industry. They stay true to their word when they say they talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly in advertising. It’s safe to say that MOM is a marketing lover’s paradise, both literally and figuratively.

MOM: The beginning

Mad Over Marketing is the brainchild of Siddhant More, an alumnus of XLRI Jamshedpur. It is said that the idea started with a group of five friends in a hostel room on the night of a college party. The founder was then a student at XLRI and a marketing intern at ITC. Siddhant More says MOM started as a harmless, fun idea that aimed to share the team’s love for marketing and advertising.

Founded in 2012, MOM began its journey in the form of a Facebook page where it started posting about marketing campaigns, ads, and big business’s marketing strategy.

Fast forward, a year later, the Facebook page gained importance just because of the entertaining content. Mad Over Marketing’s growth as an organization has been full of ups and downs.

But the company’s efforts, research, and strategy paid off when founder Siddhant More was inducted into Forbes’ 30 under 30 list. Today, MOM’s mission is to educate and inspire the masses with entertaining yet value-oriented content.

MOM: The present

Right now, Mad Over Marketing is the biggest name in the country when it comes to media and advertising. The brand has grown consistently well on all social media sites.

In the first year of his Facebook posting, MOM grew to 10,000 followers. Since then, Mad Over Marketing’s follower acquisition has not stopped. The brand has an impressive presence on all known social media platforms.


Today Mad Over Marketing has a whopping 1.5 million followers on its Facebook page. Each post on the page has an average of 1000 likes and over a hundred shares. The site is famous for the sheer value it brings to its audience in terms of education, entertainment, and more.

Facebook page crazy about marketing

The content on the Facebook page is a mix of visual and textual content, usually images with captions that go into more detail about context. His growth on Facebook is no easy feat given his consistently high engagement rates and extremely loyal audience.


Instagram is where the bulk of Mad Over Marketing’s follower acquisition occurs. Her page on Instagram is growing steadily, approaching a million followers, with 980,000 followers currently interacting with the page.

MOM’s branding strategy is simple – it plays it safe with the visual impact. The Instagram page’s color scheme is a steady pattern of turquoise and white, with each post watermarked with the brand’s logo.

They made a conscious decision to use a neon turquoise color for their site as it creates a distinctive identity that is easy to remember.

Mad Over Marketing Instagram Marketing


MOM’s main presence is on Facebook and Instagram, with Twitter trading reaching nearly 20,000 followers. There are currently 18,800.

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The #KhayaalRakhna campaign spreads awareness and promotes mental well-being, because after all, mental health is just as important as physical. pic.twitter.com/i8HbwAwakn

– Mad Over Marketing (@MadOMarketing) June 25, 2021

The posting on all three platforms is uniform, the color scheme and the post concept are constant.

MOM Twitter account


Mad Over Marketing’s best offering is their podcast series called “Let’s Do Shots” with Siddhant More. Each episode is entertaining, entertaining and educational at the same time. The length of each episode is 4-8 minutes which works like a charm considering the short attention span of today’s audience. Some of the best episodes are:

… and many more. The podcast is like a gold mine of content for aspiring marketers!

Pro tip for marketing interviews: Listen to the crazy marketing podcast here.

Email newsletter:

Mad Over Marketing’s email newsletter is a new introduction. The newsletter, known under the name “chitthi”, talks about quick snippets and insights into everything to do with the world of marketing and advertising.

Although the newsletter is relatively new, it is a hit with the masses according to the crazy marketing team.

Chitthi - Crazy Marketing Email Newsletter

Source: Mad Over Marketing

What distinguishes MOM?

Mad Over Marketing is very aware of its vision and mission. It is not one of these organizations that is jumping on the bandwagon to promote every “viral” entity or post. The reason MOM is so popular is because the content is refreshingly original. Yes, they talk about other brands, but they give them their own perspective and character.

MOM interacts with its audience on Instagram through a series of story posts. They are masters of Instagram engagement. Their content has no jargon – everything is explained in an amateur way, so simply that even a child understands what you are talking about.

The simplicity, consistency and value-adding quality sets MOM apart from all of its contemporaries and competitors. Some really engaging content that MOM has produced include:

  • Give us a lyrics and we’ll name a brand for it

  • Give us a brand and we’ll name a song for it

  • Marketing and promotional jingle quiz

The future ahead

MOM is growing by leaps and bounds every day and has no intention of stopping. Siddhant More, the founder of MOM, says the main focus in the coming years will be on producing video content and educating as many people as possible about marketing.

From talking about other brands and their campaigns to working with brands to becoming one of the biggest brands in the country, MOM’s journey has been very inspiring. You can look forward to more whimsical content from MOM by following all of their official holds!

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