Digital Advertising and marketing Expertise Each Aspiring Marketer Ought to Have

Hundreds of people apply for various positions in digital marketing every day. As the number of vacancies in the industry has increased, so has the number of digital marketers in the market. What skills in digital marketing do you excel in such a large amount?

As in any field, there are certain skills that digital marketing jobs require. While these can be further narrowed down for a specialist (e.g. social media specialist, web analyst, etc.), there are generalists (executives / managers for digital marketing, etc.)

In today’s article, we’re going to decipher these skills and help you understand the expectations of your future employers.

Current scenario

Even if, as already mentioned, the number of digital marketers has increased significantly, there is still a severe shortage of qualified marketers. In fact, 74% of marketing executives believe marketing organizations can’t get as much out of their people as they’d like due to a lack of digital skills.

By that they mean that the knowledge they currently have and the knowledge they must have are not the same. There is a loophole. As a result, new hires are increasing and organizations are also actively working on retraining their employees.

In such a case, it becomes all the more important for anyone who wants to make it big in this industry to master and assert the necessary skills in digital marketing.

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Skills that recruiters seek in digital marketers

Below are some of the key digital marketing skills recruiters look for in candidates applying for digital marketing jobs:

1. Data analysis

The rapid progress in the field of digital marketing has led to the creation of large amounts of data. As a result, marketers have a lot of data that they can easily access to determine whether campaigns are working well or not and to understand customer behavior.

With so much data out there now, companies naturally want marketers who can decipher it well. Digital marketing data analysis goes beyond your usual web analysis and website performance.

Data analysis in digital marketing

A good digital marketer needs to be well equipped to decipher forms of data and how to drive the customer experience across platforms and channels. You need to have a good working knowledge of tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads, and other ad exchanges.

Additionally, if their job involves a collection of additional customer data, they must learn both Excel and SQL so that they can better decipher the data and learn more.

2. Management skills

As a marketer, you are expected to manage multiple campaigns at the same time. That can get complex very quickly. Working on an omnichannel plan means using multiple technologies and working through different measurements to coordinate them and get effective results.

Hence, a good digital marketer must have excellent organizational as well as project management skills. Because they take on the role of a project manager and ensure that the various teams come together to run campaigns smoothly.

leadership qualities

Source: The Balance Careers

Project management skills such as leading and leading the various teams, technical knowledge to break complex projects down into simple steps for the team members, and above all good communication skills are a must.

To do this effectively, digital marketing managers need to know how to manage the entire workflow process. To help them with this, it is important to know how to navigate tools like Trello, Basecamp, etc., and content management systems (CMS).

3. Automation knowledge

With the help of automation, many marketing processes have now become much smoother, improved, and more effective. Companies can easily target their audience and get their message across much better.

Since it helps to better understand your target audience and send accurate messages, it is quickly adopted everywhere. Currently, 68% of marketing executives incorporate automation into their marketing strategy in one way or another.

Automation knowledge for a digital marketer

Therefore, a good and functional knowledge of automation is an important skill in digital marketing. To be more precise, behind most automation systems these days there are artificial intelligence and machine learning.

4. Understanding the customer experience

Marketing these days is no longer limited to the buying part of the buying process. It’s about giving them a good experience so that they keep coming back. To achieve this, marketers need to have a good understanding of the overall customer experience.

Understand customer experience

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They need to understand their customers and learn as much as possible about them – their needs, wants and weaknesses. Getting feedback and working diligently to improve the overall system is another important skill in digital marketing.

5. Social media awareness

We all know and understand the effectiveness of social media and its impact on people as we have all experienced it ourselves. Many companies worldwide have been able to use this successfully and increase their website traffic and generate more sales by improving their improvement.

Every marketer needs to have a good understanding of how the various social media platforms work in order to use them effectively. You need to know how to use analytics to monitor the various profiles and work accordingly to get the best results possible.

Social media

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, a recruiter will only hire you if they think you bring something good with you. Everyone wants their business to grow, and good, reliable people are the foundation for that.

So make sure you are doing your best and really know what you are doing. Don’t outbid yourself, but don’t undercut either. Keep your balance and trust your digital marketing skills.

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