9 Gmail Tips And Secret Ideas To Make The Most Of It In 2021

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Gmail tricks and secret tips to get the most out of Gmail in 2021

Looking for something solid Gmail tricks To attempt?

Gmail was the most popular email service out there. But there are millions of us who are ignorant of many of their functions.

Most of Gmail’s best features and productivity tips are under cover and would be great to get to know.

Here are Some Gmail tips and tricks This will help you save hours sending emails Improve your email productivity skills.

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1) Gmail Trick # 1: Use Gmail Offline Style

Do you use Gmail during times when you are on a flight without WiFi? There are times when we suddenly have tasks to send an email or check an email when we no longer have an internet connection.

Here’s a solution for that: download the Gmail Offline Chrome Extension and voila!

You can now compose, read or reply to e-mails, even when you are offline. The emails compiled in this way are automatically synchronized and sent to the destination the next time your laptop inhales a Wi-Fi connection.

2) Gmail Trick # 2: Use Filters to Forward Emails

A crowded inbox is the worst, and searching through a particular email can look like searching a needle in a haystack.

Fortunately, Gmail introduced the search operators to easily search specific emails based on the sender, size, and stars we assigned them. Here are some operators that are mainly used:

From: It extracts emails from a specific sender. From: Amy extracts all of Amy’s emails.

Size: Extracts all emails of a certain size.

We can further customize it through the larger operators: to search specific emails that are larger than the size you assigned [Larger:10M will search all files larger than 10 MB]. You can find more Gmail operators here.

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3) Gmail Trick # 3: Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Build Gmail Faster

Keyboard shortcuts are always a faster alternative for performing a task on the computer.

Gmail has a number of keyboard shortcuts like R for the reply, Ctrl + K to insert a link, or Ctrl + Enter to send an email.

You can find more shortcuts for the Gmail ninja style here or install the KeyRocket Chrome extension add-on for Gmail, which will teach you on the go.

4) Gmail Trick # 4: Send Larger Files Using Google Drive

Always got frustrated sending emails larger than 500MB or 1GB. The solution for emailing larger files is here thanks to Google Drive.

All you have to do is select the Google Drive option in Gmail’s creation mode.

Now you need to either select an existing file from your drive or upload a new one and then paste it.

Your sent e-mail will now contain the attachment as a link from which you can download the file. This trick allows you to send attachments up to 10GB.

5) Gmail Trick # 5: Generate Multiple Email Usernames for a Single Email ID

Yes, this Gmail trick is very useful and is used to sort through emails that are from a specific sender who has a specific email ID from you.

If you didn’t already know, Gmail doesn’t identify time periods [.] and plus signs [+] in usernames. So email usernames like yourname.title@gmail.com, yourname+title@gmail.com, and your.name+title@gmail.com refer to the same user ID, yournametitle@gmail.com.

This trick can be used for websites like Twitter that don’t allow multiple logins from a single email ID.

6) Gmail Trick # 6: Bulky Unsubscribe from Mailing Lists

Over time, your email inbox will be filled with email from a website you registered with three years ago.

You may not want to revisit this, but they haven’t stopped bothering you with promotional emails.

Believe me, our inbox has become the best place to advertise and a lot of spammer ad networks are nowhere accessing our email ids and bothering us with stupid insurance and rental car ads.

To that end, Lifehacker has a tip that will help you filter out ad networks en masse and keep your inbox clean.

7) Gmail Trick # 7: Add a snooze button to your emails

I know how much we hate the snooze button on an alarm clock.

However, when it comes to snoozing emails, the button can bring your emails back to the top level at predefined times (regardless of how many emails came in after the email).

Try Boomerang for Chrome and Firefox for $ 5 a month, or a Snooze extension for Chrome (it’s free).

8) Gmail Trick # 8: How to Increase Undo Time in Gmail

Gmail now has the very useful and much requested feature that allows you to undo your sent emails.

This is beneficial because shameless typos are hiding in public and only appear out of nowhere when we hit the submit button.

By default, undoing sending emails only gives you 10 seconds before you can get the already sent email from Gmail.

In order to increase the undo time in Gmail, you need to do this Login to your account, Press the gear icon in the top right Your Gmail inbox. Choose General and then find the “Undo Send” Possibility. Depending on your needs, choose from the available times 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds or 30 seconds. Done.

You can also use this undo-send feature in the Gmail app. This is a very handy Gmail tip.

9) Gmail Productivity Trick # 9: Filter out all promotional emails from Gmail

This is one of the latest Gmail tricks I spotted on Twitter from Ari Meisel on Chase Jarvis’ podcast.

If you’re a content marketer, blogger, or someone who subscribes to a ton of email newsletters, this Gmail productivity tip is for you.

No matter what gets your inbox crowded, newsletters, promotional emails, and other things can have an unsubscribe button in them.

None of the important emails like business emails, receipts and invoices have this option.

So how about we create a Gmail filter and send all of those unwanted, unimportant emails to a separate folder?

Occasionally browse this folder to check for the occasional missed email, or check out newsletters when you have time or delete them immediately.

That’s how it’s done:

Just set up an email rule to automatically archive (in a folder or what Gmail calls) any email that has an “Unsubscribe” link.

This trick will only show very important emails (usually the ones that are important) in your email, even in the Actions folder.

Isn’t it one of the coolest Gmail productivity tricks!

What are your favorite Gmail tricks to get the most of it?

Keeping a neatly organized email box is just as important as keeping a clean house. Here are the tips I use to keep Gmail clean and effective.

I am sure there are many others Gmail hacks also.

Please comment on your tips Use Gmail Effectively.

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