Results of COVID-19 on digital advertising and marketing

The pandemic has caused panic across the population of our country. People are constantly on the edge, worrying about their health, the health of their loved ones, their work, and much more. In all this chaos, how is “one of the most sought-after jobs” doing? Is digital marketing still worth all the hype?

Although these are unprecedented times and we cannot say for sure because nothing is certain anymore, we can still try to answer this question with the information available.

Digital marketing and its scope

We had only just started recovering from all of the trauma caused by the first wave of COVID-19 and now the second wave is here and it’s even more brutal. But all of this makes one thing pretty clear: the definition of “normal” has changed forever.

Our already digitally inclined world is only now leaning more towards it as the pandemic has made it clear that the future is digital. Everyone is online. Why would anyone have to stay away from great network plans and an affordable range of smartphones?

As a result, the number of Internet users has skyrocketed in recent years. For this reason, companies are trying more than ever to use this medium to reach their target audience.

Future prospects of digital marketing

Already the country with the second largest internet user population, the number of users is expected to reach a massive 666 million by 2025. This increases the value of digital marketing in the eyes of all companies and companies only there.

Active changes

Do you know that many of the big names in the industry have even started reorganizing their budgets to make sure funds are being dedicated to digital marketing? In fact, Unilever, one of the oldest and largest companies in the world, is preparing to transition to a digital company.

The company has even replaced the Chief Marketing Officer with the title Chief Digital & Marketing Officer. According to the company, they are actively working to become the “fully digitized organization at the forefront of consumer marketing”.

Get into jobs

Another interesting trend that has been observed is that the growth of digital marketing in our country has been propagated due to the great contributions of our metropolitan areas such as Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai. This is because the number of jobs in this sector is only increasing in these cities each year.

However, due to the second wave, these numbers are not expected to be exactly the same. Everyone suffers and as a result the number of jobs in the industry is falling. But as we’ve already established, digital marketing is going nowhere.

On-site order scenario

When we say the number is going down, it doesn’t mean there is no going back, or that the number is so great that it would take a long time to restore. As in any industry, digital marketing is also being hit and people are being laid off because of budget problems.

However, digital marketing is also the industry that will play a key role in rebuilding it. With a predominantly digital future nearing, the smartest thing to do is prepare accordingly. A sustainable digital presence is more important than ever for companies.

Digital Marketing Growth in India

Last year, digital marketing in India’s internet industry was estimated to be a whopping $ 160 billion by 2025, according to Goldman Sachs. Although this is obviously an approximate value and can change, it is still a good four years.

In the digital world, things are changing at the speed of light, and this is giving the industry plenty of time to heal and come back stronger than ever. If you visit LinkedIn now, despite all this turmoil, people are still working and trying to get out of this more.

So many jobs are listed in the various digital marketing job profiles and this is only going to increase. With most people now working remotely, which won’t change anytime soon, the focus is more on candidates with good digital and tech skills.

Importance of digital marketing in India

In such a densely populated country, the importance of marketing only increases because every company tries to win over audiences. Companies like Dabur, which have always opted for traditional marketing, have recognized the importance of digital marketing.

They are actively working to increase their brand awareness through online marketing and they are doing a good job too. Population factor also means that if you work hard enough and create quality content, there will be an audience for everyone. So even after a gruesome pandemic like COVID-19, digital marketing is not going to go away anytime soon.


For anyone who is scared of their professional lives and the negative impact the pandemic has on them, digital marketing could be in your best interests. Not only is it a rapidly evolving industry, albeit a little slow at the moment, but the possibilities are endless. Digital Ready can help you discover these possibilities.

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