The right way to Create a Digital Advertising Portfolio – Ideas and Examples

In the Internet age, gone are the days when a salesperson went door to door to make an impression. A company’s digital brand is felt through the impression the website makes on the audience. Therefore, the digital marketing world uses the help of powerful marketing portfolios to:

  • Make their presence felt
  • Present creatively and aesthetically what you can do for your customers

Importance of a digital marketing portfolio

A marketing portfolio solves different purposes for different people. For example, people looking for jobs can enlist the help of a good digital marketing portfolio to raise their profile and creatively highlight their skills and achievements, as well as a good resume.

In the meantime, companies are using them to build a solid digital presence, showcase their products or services, and gain credibility in their respective niche. If they’re easy to find on the web, they’ll get more traffic and ultimately generate more sales.

What should a digital marketing portfolio contain?

The following elements must be present in a marketing portfolio for it to be rated good:

  • Short biography: A scintillation can serve as the perfect opening for a good marketing portfolio. Make sure that all of your backgrounds, interests, and expertise are properly highlighted.

  • CURRICULUM VITAE: For a clearer view of your work, add your resume to the portfolio that includes your employment as well as your academic history.

  • Contact: All of this will be unsuccessful if you do not provide your correct contact details. This includes your phone number, email address, and social media profiles like LinkedIn and Instagram if you want to showcase work.

  • Working examples: The soul and main attraction of your digital marketing portfolio will be the work that you want to display. This means that you should take care to highlight your best work in the most visually appealing way possible.

  • Successes: Viewing your awards and the recognition you’ve received for your work helps build credibility and trust.

How do I create a digital marketing portfolio?

A compelling digital marketing portfolio consists of several parts that together form a solid front to support the qualities of the individual / company:

1. Select Online Platform

Using digital platforms to display your work makes one look professional and serious about his or her career. If you can build a professional website nothing is better as both recruiters and your clients can find you easily.

2. Create a good homepage

Your homepage is the first page your audience will see. For this reason, it should be designed to clearly and effectively optimize awareness of your personal brand.

At the beginning, add a line or two introducing yourself and your goals. Make sure the page is easy to navigate and don’t try to fit everything into this first page. Tempo your content because the goal is not that it stay longer, but that it find something of value in every time it spends on your website.

3. Put together a powerful info page

The importance of a good and moving “about” page is usually ignored. You can get noticed if you make the most of this site. On this page you strategically place your resume, biography and links to your social media profiles.

Provide an overview of your professional journey and promote the achievements that will help you stand out from the crowd. You can also include testimonials here to add more credibility to your work.

4. Display your best work

As we said earlier, this is not about quantity, but about quality. People who visit your website don’t have time to browse pages and pages of your work. You need to pick your top 5 or some other searchable number. When choosing your top projects:

  • Pick the ones that get the best results
  • Pick the ones that reflect your best ideas
  • Highlight the ones viewing an integrated marketing campaign

5. Describe how you work

Choosing the best patterns may be a difficult step, but it is not your final task. You need to give your audience a deeper look into your work process as this will help in building your brand.

Along with the examples, you need to explain what your goals were, your responsibilities and any obstacles you faced while working on the project. In addition, you also need to summarize the whole process and the final output.

6. Make sure you can be reached easily

Your contact information should be on every page of your website and clearly visible so that potential clients and recruiters don’t have a hard time getting in touch with you.

Also, there should be a contact form on your website as it is much more convenient for users to message you directly.

Some examples

Certain social accounts that perform great in content marketing are listed below:

1. Amul

They are known for using timely stories and taking positions on various social issues through their content. They have never shied away from expressing their views with the help of their evergreen Amul girl. The brand’s social awareness is one of the key factors that helped keep it relevant even after all these years.

2. Zomato India

Her most recent campaign promoting home-cooked food, an anti-marketing strategy, went viral and retweeted by many on Twitter, and many brands like Mobikwik and The Viral / Fever tweeted along the same lines. The entire campaign was very well received

3. Oreo India

In an industry already dominated by brands like Britannia and Parle, Oreo came along and was able to conquer with various factors. One of those factors was content marketing. With the help of campaigns like #DailyDunks, they were able to collect a massive 788,137 followers in the first three months of the campaign.

4. Ola

The “Peeke Mat Chala” campaign launched by the company received a lot of positive feedback as people were encouraged to take responsibility during the Christmas season. The tweets were written in such a way that many initially thought an intern was drunk tweeting.


A good digital marketing portfolio will not only help you improve your skills, it will also help you create a space that is entirely yours, an extension of your personality. No two heads think alike and it is this individuality that is reflected in these marketing portfolios. So make sure it represents both your goals and your creativity.

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